Introduction to Radiant Mind in Vancouver

The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection.
The water has no mind to received their image.

— Zenrin Kushu

I recently spent a remarkable weekend here in Vancouver, in a workshop on Radiant Mind, a course established by Peter Fenner. This Introduction to Radiant Mind weekend was guided by Michael Shandler, who offered to the group his considerable experience on the path (in various modes but with emphasis on his yogic training) combined profoundly with the non-dual approach of the Radiant Mind program.

Words fail me in trying to describe this thoroughly natural experience, particularly words that pin the mind to any one point of view. But as we need to use some words anyways, here are a few from the workshop description:

• Bridging the Conditioned and Unconditioned Mind.
• Simply Sitting: the Art of Natural Meditation.
• Non-dual Contemplation: Sitting in Presence, favoring neither speech nor silence.
• Understanding Core Fixations and Primary Biases: How we distort experience and perpetuate suffering.
• Expanding the Preference Bandwidth.
• Deconstructive Conversations and Meditative Inquiry

The workshop explores the experience of intrinsic freedom, where we are neither resisting our experience nor charging it up. This is a state in which we are aware, relaxed and able to fully embrace all experiences, emotions and thoughts without distortion or the need to escape them.

A big thank you to Michael Shandler, his hosts in Vancouver, and everyone who shared this workshop this past weekend, and to Peter Fenner, for interpreting the ancient non-dual wisdom teachings for our lives in the 21st century!

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