Goodbye to Electric Living?

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electric cursor I finally bid farewell to our boutique production company Electric Living Productions, Ltd. Through it, James and I produced Electric Living in Canada, an interactive project which involved interviews with media theorists and digital artists about the future of interactive media and the evolving new language.

Stelarc page We interviewed over 100 people in Europe, New York and across Canada, used about 90 of the interviews in the project and created something that is a remarkable historical archive, and an art work in itself.

EL Main We applied several times for funding to update the project but had no luck, so made the decision to pull the plug. We still have DVD-ROMs of the project, Agence TOPO in Montreal is still representing it, and our website is still up, for now. It just didn’t make sense to keep going with the company which was no longer active in production.

Electric Living in Canada Cover Of course I still just love the name “Electric Living” and want to keep using it. It’s based on a 1985 quote from Barrington Nevitt, an associate of Marshall McLuhan: “…our present hangups are due to the incompatibility of sequential thinking with the simultaneities of electric living.” (from ABC of Prophecy: Understanding the Environment)

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