Not so fast there, Carol

Now house-sitting in beautiful Nanoose Bay I wake to the birds and we sit on the deck overlooking the water, the houses across the bay, the mountain beyond. Views of Mount Fuji make sense to me now as this mountain is everchanging and each time I look the light the sky the time of day the mountain itself seems to change. My cousin’s place is exquisite and personal, lovingly made by hand – a new gazebo sitting place with wicker (plastic weatherproof wicker that is) furniture set, and the play of light on the cedar is so great to see.

The internet connection is so slow here, and we have to use their PC with dialup – my laptop languishes upstairs, waiting for me to take her to a wifi cafe in the nearest city, Nanaimo, which looks like it has only one, or maybe two? Vancouver has spoiled me for connectivity and I made some assumptions about the access that others have – wrong again.

But communication by bird and by dream seems just fine, and this is only day 3!

(Surprise: Link here to see a random post from my blog.)


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