Last month, before going to Nanoose, I was happy to officiate in the wonderful wedding ceremony of Kenneth and Aleksandra. It was a modified Universal Worship ritual, followed by an outdoor banquet and live gypsy music. The wedding was in their home, and these are a few photos of the ceremony.


I’m standing by the altar, waiting for the bride and groom to enter the room. At the lower left you can see one of the gamelan musicians who were playing as the couple came down the stairway into the living room. It was an exquisite atmosphere.

altar This is the little altar we used, with candles representing world religions, including Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian and Islam. The flying heart symbol is on the gold altar-cloth. It was a very small space and we had to cluster around to fit everyone in.

wedding 1 Wedding

The bride’s dress was hand-painted Indonesian silk.

poem bride and groom

After San Francisco poet Robert Anthony read a poem he specially composed for them, Aleksandra and Kenneth sealed the ceremony with a kiss.

(Surprise: Link here to see a random post from my blog.)


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