Days and Months in Poetic Correspondence

The other day I said to James that September is like 4 o’clock in the afternoon. But that poetic thought didn’t really work out, with 5 being October, 6 being November and so on. He thought about it, pointing out that it did work if each month lasted 2 hours, starting from midnight. So here’s the day/month calendar:

January: 12am – 2am
February: 2am – 4am
March: 4am – 6am
April: 6am – 8am
May: 8am – 10am
June: 10am – 12pm
July: 12pm – 2pm
August: 2pm – 4pm
September: 4pm – 6pm
October: 6pm – 8pm
November: 8pm – 10pm
December: 10pm – 12am

Isn’t that poetic?

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