Digitalis Digital Art Returns (but not really)

So glad to see that the DDAS material has been rebuilt and posted – if nothing else just to have a record of the international exhibitions that were put up over the past 5 years of the society’s operations.

DDAS eg.

From Digitalis 5, BCDL by Francesco Schiavon and Tris by James K-M

In the Spiritual in Digital Art show (Feb -March 2003), one component didn’t make it to this archive site. It was a web radio broadcast we did including music from submissions worldwide, programmed to self-run for the duration of the exhibition. At the same time, audio interviews with the artists were in rotation along with the music, so it made for a very complete presentation. I did the interviews, and Francesco programmed the radio. We also had text interviews by email, which were posted along with the exhibition on the DDAS site. At any rate, you can go here to see the archive.

(Surprise: Link here to see a random post from my blog.)


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