Cave Paintings at Kootenay Gallery and More

James K-M’s Cave Paintings exhibition opened at the Kootenay Gallery last weekend, and we travelled there with Andrew Jordan for the show. Marilyn James, spokesperson of the Siniixt people opened the exhibition. Also opening that same evening was Joanne Circle’s show in the other room of the gallery.

James K-M, Marilyn James, Joanne Circle, Andrew Jordan
James K-M, Marilyn James, Joanne Circle, Andrew Jordan

After the opening we went out for dinner but the only place open after 9 pm in Castlegar is Boston Pizza. It became the site of our great mind-blowing symposium discussion on art, with James, me, Andrew, Joanne, and her friend, Maggie.

Gazebo Art at Flamingo in Castlegar
Flamingo Motel in Castlegar

Andrew, James and I stayed at the Flamingo Motel in Castlegar, which featured handmade quilts, a funky gazebo wired for sound, and apple trees.

James in Gazebo at Flamingo in Castlegar
James shows covers of the 500 albums in the gazebo, as we listen to
Midnight Cowboy. Note albums on the floor, speakers on the ceiling and turntable just behind James on the right.


Andrew in Orchard
Andrew picks an apple from the Flamingo’s trees.

It wasn’t far to go up to Nelson and over to Ainsworth Hot Springs. In Nelson we visited Margrith Schraner and Ernest Hekkanen, both writers and publishers of the well-regarded New Orphic Review. Their home is also the New Orphic Gallery, and their front lawn may be a site of the “controversial” bronze monument to Vietnam-era war resisters. After wonderful dinner, wide-ranging conversation (or is it wild-ranging conversation?) and a good night’s sleep, we left the next morning for Vancouver – laden with dusky plums and perfumed grapes from their trees and vines.

New Orphics and James
Margrith Schraner and Ernest Hekkanen talk with James in the gallery

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One thought on “Cave Paintings at Kootenay Gallery and More

  1. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the nice compliments about our Motel!
    We enjoyed having you and are pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us at the “Flamingo”.
    The cool thing about artists is the way they see beauty in so many things……. Including our Gazebo.
    Best Regards,
    Frank and Debra.

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