My Top 5 Blog Posts – Never Written

These ideas for articles have been swimming in my mind but haven’t yet made it to the posting stage. I’ve been too busy to give them the attention they deserve, so to take some of the pressure off, I’m listing them here – not necessarily in order of importance.

1. “4 Hour New Earth” – Book Mashup. My impressions after reading Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week while alternating with Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. Finished both around the same time. Both go for freedom, require work to make happen, are self-help with huge wide-reaching goals, are utopian, catch you where you are yearning, etc. And both can work for you if you do what they say!

2. The Gastown Diet – Eating locally is now considered a common good. As a satirical article I’d like to survey the local corner stores on Carrall Street and come up with a week’s menu based only on foods purchased there. As a follow-up, I could cover the 2 block area around my place.

3. My Movie Wrapup – I’ve seen some really great movies lately and would love to list them with comments – Away from Her, Talk to Me, Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Darjeeling Express, Into the Wild, Juno. No time to reflect, though. It’s amazing I had time to watch these – but then in a winter evening there’s nothing better than settling in.

4. The Novel as Time-Shifter – I finally get it: a novel shifts time. Instead of living a day to day life, reading a novel allows you to step outside of time to take a wide view of time itself, and in the course of reading it you can see a life in total, or the history of a family through generations, or overview major world events seen through the eyes of individuals, or reflect through their inner dialogue – all in a condensed version of time. Whatever other qualities the novel brings, it is this time-shifting telescoping view that I find fascinating. I took it for granted until just a few days ago.

5. The Only Way to Live in a City – Live in the city as if you were living in a village. Walk wherever you can. Thinking I’d be late for my Y class, I decided to take the car. Ended up going in circles through 1 way streets in traffic. It took me longer to get to the Y than it would have if I’d been walking! Not to mention the parkade and parking cost. “I have to blog about this,” I thought. Dump the car except when absolutely necessary. Cut around town on foot, turn your part of the city into your village. It’s the best way to survive.

So those are my top 5 unwritten blog posts. Fill in the blanks with your own ideas, imagine these as fully articulated.

(Link here for a random post from my blog.)


4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Blog Posts – Never Written

  1. What a delightful thing … to read about great blogposts not-yet-written.

    I totally LOVE the 4 hour workweek, even though I am working in the totally opposite direction. I’ve thrust this book on
    every single internet marketer I know, and a couple have even read it!

    Now, about living in the city as if it’s a villiage.
    THANK YOU CAROL. As a car-hater living in Los Angeles,
    you have given me a one-phrase conceptualization
    for a cluster of ideas I’ve put into reality in my life over the yeears.

    The phrase that’s being replaced is
    LIVE LIKE SEINFELD… which is to say,
    live in a big city without a car.

    Carol, thanks!
    Now I don’t have to say “Live like Seinfeld” anymore.

    Jim Van Wyck
    PS… besides, it never got the laughs I wanted anyways.

  2. gastown diet – lol! – I’ll join you! Having said that we’re not tooo badly off. In fact, I’ve just rediscovered Sunrise. They have loads, and loads, of name-brand healthy stuff at the usual fraction of the usual price.

  3. huh, that’s a very interesting idea to post about the unwritten posts. I’ve got a bunch of them myself. Perhaps I’ll “borrow” your idea and post a similar thing on my blog, if you don’t mind.

    I do walk or take a public transit most of the time, except when going for grocery shopping, then my husband drives me ūüėČ

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