Wayback to the Internet of 1995

I’m really looking forward to the Northern Voice Conference next weekend all about blogging and social media. While checking the wiki to see who’ll be there, I came upon the name of a friend and colleague from the past: Stuart Hertzog. After saying hi to him, I went to his site and found he has an archive of the THA Media Distributors online catalogue. So what? you say. Well here’s what:

This was the first online catalogue of media in Canada and here’s how it happened. Heritage Canada was offering incentives for business and non-profits to develop sites on the new world wide web. I was working at THA at the time, and was keen for new media. We approached Sylvia from Moving Images Distribution to see if they could partner with us for this innovative project. You can see a version of the catalogue here on Stuart’s site, and note the terrific illustrations by artist Mark “Atomos” Pilon!

THA old site image

Now its a no-brainer for a catalogue to be online, but then this was a whole new world. And Stuart Hertzog was the man who put this together for us. We had met years ago in Edmonton, then in Vancouver he was our neighbour, and he had this new thing: the world wide web. I saw my first pictures of space from the Hubble on his machine across the hall at the Vine Street Coop. He was the first person I knew who worked on the internet from home in his bathrobe. It was a glimpse into the future, which is now past and is a present we now take for granted as a norm. Tip o’ the Hat, Stuart!

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