Recipes as Ultimate Learning Objects?

Francesco makes a great case for recipes as the ultimate learning objects in this post from the Rouxbe Blog. He’s right. Stick around long enough and you see that much of the academic and artistic experimentation eventually ends up in a real-world application that people can taste, touch, eat, use. What was once rare and esoteric (and mega-funded in many cases) soon becomes common knowledge, and isn’t even seen anymore – it just gets absorbed into the fabric of our environment.

Here’s a brief quote – by the way, the site is gorgeous and really useful – educators take note!

And the great thing is that all this convergence that is happening now is based on the early work that artists and academics were doing a number of years ago. I guess the conclusion that I’m getting at is that if our society has artists and academics that push the boundaries, even if we don’t see it applied to our daily lives, chances are that their work will have an impact on us eventually.

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  1. Carol says:

    A friend sent me this email comment:

    A charming and well-expressed thought!

    Long ago,
    in the 7th decade of the last century,
    I spent 3 years chasing a degree in Sinology.

    So your post reminded me of a story….

    There was a strange and wonderful new something
    discovered in a completely remote and unexplored
    corner of our planet.

    The Germans briskly and energetically set about
    to dissect, analyze, and systematically understand it.

    The Americans, with optimism and savvy set about
    to bring this new product to market.

    But aahhhhh, the Chinese on the team relaxed
    and thought of sauces and spices, of braising or roasting,
    of contrasting and complimenting the 5 flavors,
    for they knew that the best thing to do with any
    strange and new something was to eat it.

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