Earth Hour comes Early

Yesterday afternoon the power went out in our building, along with others across the street. At first it seemed like a Hydro issue, but it’s now narrowed down to – yes, you got it – just our building. I thought this was just an example of cosmic timesaving, because Earth Hour will be on March 29th, the day I’ll be involved in the Bridging Media event (more on this later), but I’ll be home by 8pm. Still, I’m banking plenty of earth hours right now.

Candlelight was lovely last night and this morning we had pure water to drink – no cooking on the electric stove, with the electric kettle, with the toaster oven, or the microwave. It was a little chilly. The Hydro guy told me that the food in the freezer could be okay for 24 hours. But what about after that? My phone is down, the dishes are in the dishwasher, our hot water heater is electric. I’m charging the macbook here at our local Blake’s while catching up. Totally electri-dependent.
What were the effects of this event on the Detox we just started yesterday morning? It’s all in the My Spring Detox blog.

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