Bridging Media – Coming Soon

I’m really looking forward to the Bridging Media event this Saturday, where I’ll be moderating one of the panels – and taking in the rest. I’ve been helping out a bit with this and its a great example of a free community event that shows how quickly and directly a good event idea can become a reality. Here’s a posting from the Alphablogs site:

Looks like this will be one of those “mark your calendar” events in Vancouver.

Bridging Media: Addressing the Challenges – this Saturday, March 29, 2008, 9:45 am – 3pm
Aimed to provide a bridge between the two communities of film/television and interactive/social media, I think this event comes just at the right time. The expertise we have here in Vancouver is remarkable, leading in the field. The panelists  assembled for this event have a lot to share in the short time they have available, so it looks like the whole day will be power-packed.

The tools are here and easier to use than ever, and the panelists are articulate and experienced in the slippery ever-shifting world of web/mobile/social media. Its free, its informative and it can change what you think you might know about social media, and more. Plus there is a door prize: a free pass to nextMEDIA, just before the Banff Television Festival.

Want to know who’ll be there? Go to the registration site and take a peek.
And did I mention that lunch is sponsored? Yes it is a free lunch!

Brainchild of Megan Cole and Erica Hargreave, the event now has a terrific team putting this together, with good will and sharp skills: Cinci Csere, Monique Trottier and Monica Hamburg. I’m really glad to help out with this event and be in their company!


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