Incredible Weekend Event in Memory of Shamcher

We had a wonderful get-together this past weekend in memory of Shamcher Bryn Beorse, who was a yogi, sufi, pioneer of OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.) People who had known him in his life, and those who were in touch with his work, but never met him in person gathered here, in Vancouver. I’ll report more on this event after I’ve had some time to decompress.

Taking a few moments to relax after the intensity of the weekend, I fooled around with photo booth on my mac.

The magical Lamp of Knowledge award goes to each person who was here (and you know who you are!)

The Rose of Beauty designation goes to the excellent Fifis!


3 thoughts on “Incredible Weekend Event in Memory of Shamcher

  1. Dear Carol… and all seekers of spiritual liberty everywhere…

    The memory and spiritual vibrations
    of Shamcher resonated strongly this weekend.

    Although I was not there in person,
    I found my mind and heart quietly remembering

    ** a book of letters between C. and S.
    *** thoughts of how every willing hand could find meaningful work

    *** how small groups of loving hearts can make changes in the world

    **** spiritual practices and visualizations I learned long ago — zikrs and walks and colored triangles and so much more

    *** how news of high energy prices was connectd to OTECS

    **** how news of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Africa
    was connected with a spy from Norway, or the engineering of torpedos

    My goodness, I even felt like the milk on my
    Saturday morning oatmeal was slightly hallucinogenic.

    Thank You, Shamcher, for your energetic essence
    that threw (and still throws) off little dust-devils
    of energy that even now stirs up the dust
    and reminds that everything everthing and all and all
    are intimately connected in the unity of spiritual vibration.

    Salim Van Wyck — vibrating softly in LA

  2. What a lovely photo of the lamp of Knowledge shining on all of us. This past week-end it opened us to receive from each other through laughter, through that special look, through listening to ideas we know to be of truth but do not often exchange in our everyday busy lives. We walked receptive ‘in each other’s moccasins’ each day, then exhausted, we slept in the golden stream of it all.

    The mauve rose speaks to me of the guiding feminine Principle – it tells me how you Carol, James and all those who helped organize this event held the brigt presence of Shamcher through the years. Our ‘Secret Agent’ is alive and well whenever we truly listen.

    We were nourished abundantly on all aspects of our being – the food was delicious, our friendships became forever new, our spirit found courage and trust to manifest the creative re-source that opens up for the asking.

    My heartfelt greetings and thanks to every one – especially the newly initiated Fifis. May our adage ‘Inner Beauty, Outer Youth’ inspire us always!

    With love,


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