Comox Midwife Situation in the News

I’m grateful to see the comments people have put in on my original post referring to this Supreme Court case and interest in this situation appears to be growing. Here’s the beginning of the comprehensive article by Christiana Wiens in the Comox Valley Echo, June 17th.

Midwife fights to keep hospital privileges

Wins a Supreme Court intervention to keep practicing while Hospital Appeal Board reviews case

A Comox Valley midwife will keep her privileges at St. Joseph’s General Hospital after the Supreme Court intervened last week to allow her to keep working until her case can be reviewed by the provincial Hospital Appeal Board.

The registered midwife, one of four with hospital privileges in Comox, can keep her hospital privileges until the appeal, on condition that an obstetrician reviews her case files monthly.

She has been a midwife for eight years, and has 40 active clients…… read more

There are also these strong letters to the editor today, very similar to the comments received in this blog.

Hospital’s actions disturbing
I must say that I find the actions of St. Joseph’s Hospital Board …to be baffling and disturbing in the extreme. I have known the midwife in question since the home birth of my son over five years ago and in that time have had nothing but the utmost respect for her and her profession. I have seen many people touched by her caring and compassionate practice. Her work within our community, especially with young or vulnerable clients requiring special levels of care during their pregnancy, is impeccable as anyone with the privilege of having her as a midwife can attest to. The fact that the Hospital Board is acting on a “20 minute rule” that has not ever been enforced (and can not in any urban center where traffic becomes the issue) smacks of petty politics being played with someone’s life and chosen profession. It is very disappointing to hear that other Valley midwives have held an active part in this fiasco, stayed only by a Supreme Court intervention. It would seem that the only “lack of collegiality” belongs to those who would ostracize one of their own.

A slanderous vendetta
I have just learned, through the Echo, of the sanctions brought against our midwife by St. Joseph’s General Hospital Board. I have no knowledge of the case now before the provincial Hospital Appeal Board. I can speak only of the exacting standard of professionalism, care and commitment this midwife has unfailingly demonstrated in delivering our second child.


3 thoughts on “Comox Midwife Situation in the News

  1. Carol, My husband and I have set up a website that allows letters of support to be sent to various MLA’s, Hospital Appeal Board, St Joseph’s, and VIHA. Please check out the site and pass on the address to anyone you can think of who is interested in helping the cause!

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  3. How very disturbing to learn of this situation. As if it is not difficult enough to practise the art of midwifery in this society! There is no question that Joanne Daviau is a consummate practitioner, fully professional and skilled in every way. I can attest to that, because I was her client for my son Devin’s home-birth. I could not have been more pleased with the process.

    It is abhorrant that fellow-midwives are seeking to deny her hospital privileges which will certainly impair her ability to work in a profession for which she holds the highest credentials. Their case appears, as well, to be based on very flimsy grounds.

    Srikes me as just another witch-hunt – but this time the victims have become the perpetrators. I am confident that Ms. Daviau will succeed in retaining her hospital privileges. The truth will out… There is no question regarding her competancy. Too many satisfied customers (like myself).

    This seeems like office politics gone beserk. What a waste of energy for all concerned.

    Keep the faith!

    carol s.

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