Secret Time-Saving Technique Revealed

I’m ready to divulge to you my secret method of not only saving time, but also of creating more time than I thought I had available to me. No, I don’t just put some extra time into a small lunchbag to be opened later when I really need it. Nor do I do the old Goon Show trick of writing “4 o’clock” on a piece of paper and putting it in my pocket so I’ll always know the time. This is a more subtle technique, which I accidentally discovered years ago, and now I’ll share with you my valued secret:

The three-step method of the Time Savers’ Club:

  1. Make an iron-clad appointment : that means you clear all other work and plans out of the way. Commit to it totally. That period of time is spoken for. This is a true appointment with another person, who you cannot and must not disappoint.
  2. For a reason outside of your responsibility (this is an important part of the process – you NEVER do this part yourself) the other person is required to cancel. You are forced to accept.
  3. Voila! You now have free time. You have not only saved time, but you have created time you didn’t think you had! Because you are not double-committed, ie. there is no fall-back plan B, you have this time open to do with as you wish!

It is important that you never imagine that this particular appointment or plan is a candidate for the Time Savers’ Club. (For then you would be creating a fall-back plan B – imagining what to do if there is a cancellation. This is not permitted.)

Whenever there is an unavoidable cancellation or change of plans, be like me, and feel grateful for another intervention from ….(drum roll)…. The Time Savers’ Club!



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