Venturing Deeper into the Electrical Forest

I’ve ventured further into the electrical field today, setting up my new tumblog,  My Electric Persona. I feel a little like Tesla, with my hair all radiating in a perfect sphere of static zaps.

This should actually simplify things a bit. I already am posting stuff there that I don’t feel is entirely “blogworthy” – not worth a full article or even more than a mention. It’s also consolidating my Twitter tweets as well, but some of those have to be edited out – the ones that mean less than nothing.

The idea of the electric persona does compel me to understand the medium further, and realize just what it means to have the nervous system exteriorized and shared and amplified. More thoughts on this are coming – so watch this space. Or that space. or another space. What did the medieval theologians say: God is a sphere with centres everywhere and circumference nowhere? ( or something to that effect.)

Sorry for the long many-syllable words. I think that if I put this into one of the test tools, like website grader, it would tell me that the words are secondary, post-secondary vocabulary. We all know more people read the newspapers with grade 4 vocabulary (like the Province here in Vancouver)  rather than the Globe and Mail (which I recall is Grade 11 or 12). Who reads anything with a post-secondary vocabulary? Maybe not even me!


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