Nurse-In Protest on Thurs. at H&M Vancouver

This deserves a mention here:

NURSE-IN: Come to the store few minutes before the start and on the mark – start nursing your child for as long as you can. RECOMMENDATION: 1) wear something previously bought from H&M. 2) Bring a sign with a pro-public breastfeeding sign. 3) Boycott H&M. 4) Write a letter/email to H&M or BC Health Minister. 5) Publicly breastfeed your infant/toddler/small child.
(Not necessary in this order LOL)

From the Facebook group: Breastfeeding is the norm –
Planned event: Thursday, August 7, 2008 12:30pm – 1:30pm
H&M – inside the store for nurse-in; signs and protest outside of the store
609 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

I cannot believe how much of support has been showed. Well, I can but …
Thank you all who cross-posted the event info. Could not have done it without you.
Great grass roots movement. It’s wonderful to know that it is not just a handful of us that feels so strongly about this incident.

Manuela Valle, of Vancouver BC was asked to NOT breastfeed her infant publicly at Vancouver H&M store. Bellow is her letter. When she confronted the staff about her protected right being infringed upon she was told that it is the company’s policy.

I say Enough is enough and lets show these people who they are messing with.
I encourage any and all supporters of this simple but politicized and often frowned or infringed upon basic human right to come out and join us for a NURSE-IN. Mother-Baby dyad can be a fragile relationship in our bottle-happy society.

************** MANUELA’S LETTER **************
Despite all the medical evidence that encourages breastfeeding, it seems that women continue to be socially punished and made to feel ashamed when they do it publicly. Today, I was shopping with my husband and our 2 month baby at H&M stores at the Pacific Centre Mall, located in Granville St, Vancouver. When he went into the fitting rooms my baby started crying, so I naturally proceeded to breastfeed her. After a couple minutes, though, I was approached by one of the store clerks who told me that unfortunately, I could not breastfeed there unless I went into a special fitting room to do it in private. When I asked why, she said it was the store policy because what I was doing offended other costumers and that there were also children around (sorry H&M, my bad: I was not aware that the sight if breastfeeding mother could be harmful to a child). She even said that this is the protocol they are taught to follow during their training. At that point, two other employees came to escort me to the fitting rooms as if I was a dangerous criminal. I was offered to speak to the manager, a very kind man called Guru, who explained to me again that it was the store policy, because breastfeeding in public was offensive to some costumers, and also that they were offering me a much more comfortable space to do it. But of course, they were not “offering” me anything, they were forcing me to do it in seclusion or I could not do it at all. So I told them I would publicly campaign against their policy because it is wrong and discriminatory: it punished me for breastfeeding by putting me in seclusion and thus confirmed the idea that public breastfeeding is offensive and shameful.
Please let’s not allow this to happen to other breastfeeding moms…any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Nurse-In Protest on Thurs. at H&M Vancouver

  1. Are you kidding me? I am all for breastfeeding but there is also respect for your fellow shoppers. If it makes other people uncomfortable then what is the big deal to do it in a seculded area? I am a mother and I would prefer to breastfeed privately. If you see someone picking their nose does it may not gross everyone out, it is their right, but some things you should keep private. Breasts make people uncomfortable whether a baby is attached to them or not. Its not H&M’s fault for trying to please the rest of their customers.Get a life. Its not a big deal.

  2. Clare, but I have to disagree with you. Brestfeeding should not offend anyone. Why do people react so negatively to a mother trying to feed her child but it’s ok to have women’s breasts in a sexual way displayed everywhere? People who are offended by breastfeeding are the ones who need to get a life.

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