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The smartest show on TV has the smartest social media. Characters from my fav TV show, MadMen, are now talking to us on Twitter and I love it! Originally fascinated by the accuracy of the recreation of the early ’60s look and attitudes – smoke-filled rooms, (the smoking doctor!), the male/female divide, pointy bras and pre-pantyhose foundation garments, the office scenes – I moved into deeper appreciation of the storyline. Then I began to feel an understanding of the characters themselves as real people with deep backstories, mostly hidden. The characters were portrayed so well that they became real to me, and I thought of them well after the end of an episode.

We’re inundated with MadMen here, with Season 1 playing out on Bravo at 6pm Wed. and Season 2 time-progressed on AChannel Sundays at 10pm. Bouncing twice a week between times has added to my awareness of these very developed characters. I’m hardly noticing the 60’s settings anymore, they all just serve the story.

Okay, on to Twitter and hybrid media, where my innocent mention of anticipation for last Sunday’s episode brought a follow from Francine_Hanson, who I immediately connected with. She had me at “tuna casserole.” Now I’m following most of the MM characters, especially PeggyOlson, and Betty_Draper who gave me excellent dinner menu advice (NY Strip loin, spinach, potatoes) as did Bobbie_Barrett (go out and get your own meat.)

I quickly discovered I was in the 2nd wave of MM twittering. AMC had pulled the characters last Monday, but they returned next day or so with blessings. Institutions are always concerned over the lack of control over social media and its messaging.

It was really fun at first to find these characters right here in my personal twitter universe. It’s a communication into a past time as they retain all their early 1960’s attitudes. I like it best when they just relate, they should just forget any canned sneak preview comments relating to upcoming episodes. It’s better to discuss aspects of past eps. or just improvise on issues of the day.

Their Twitter numbers are miniscule (low thousands if that) and compared with broadcast viewer stats this could be seen as laughable. But it’s important to see that yes, the twits can be captured and we do go to the TV screen, paying attention for longer than 140 keystrokes. If it’s smart.

The energy released by hybrid media was a biggie for McLuhan and as an adman’s guru he would have found MadMen fascinating for many reasons. Past times indeed are pastimes, and where now are those innovative dream-makers of Madison Avenue? Well, a day or so ago Don_Draper tweeted that he’d been reading Gutenberg Galaxy over lunch. I wonder if PeggyOlson will see in on his bookshelf.

My question is, though, how long will this Twitter interest last before it burns out?


4 thoughts on “MadMen Twitter

  1. They blew it! In the 2nd season Cuban missle crisis episode, they show the office women getting ready for work. One quick scene shows Peggy Olson pulling on a pair of pantyhose, expertly, quickly, with minimum fuss as if she did this every day. While pantyhose DID EXIST in 1962, they were VERY rare, and the pair she slipped into seemed to have much more Lycra than a 1962 pair of pantyhose would have. If they had shown her putting on pantyhose experimentally (slowly, with wonder and discovery), that would have been different. The first season was very accurate, but this scene was a clear misstep.

    • Good call, the anachronisms really get in the way – also in series 2 someone said “I’m good” which as we know was never said in those days. I was talking with a woman who had been in a Peggy Olson role in NYC at an agency in those days, who said it wasn’t really like that for her. But then she was part beatnik!

  2. I enjoy the art work on the show,especially the office scenes. What are the names of some of the artists that are used. I only new the (Mark Rothko) print, in the first season. I really enjoy them.

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