Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

We really need it. There was a major power outage a while back, always shakes us up. The grid can’t take it, and won’t be able to handle much more when the new developments like Terminus are up, running, filled with people using power. Not to mention all the urbanites plugging in their new Volt electric cars (oh right, those won’t be available here in Canada until after the Greenway is completed, say, 2015? not really, I’m just bitter.)

At any rate, the need for more power is increasing, so BC Hydro will be upgrading the entire Gastown area, sinking a large new-fangled switcher gizmo into Blood Alley, underground. Good news is it will be underground. Bad news it has a name like Vista (hmm… will we need the soothing bathsalts and herbal teas I’ve seen on those Mac ads?)

We’ll also need more power for the many public realm events and activities that will be happening all along the Greenway, and outlets and transformer kiosks are planned for key nodes along the path.


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