Mindworld overload and altered sensory threshold!

In an intensity of activity on Twitter Monday morning, I was involved in a kind of flood or overflow of following and followers. A Twitter surge. It fried my brain, I was too electrified – all at once too many new follows. I couldn’t digest it all.

Who are these people? Why are we doing this? What’s it for? I asked myself. And for a time, wished to undo it. Just gathering people for no reason is like asking strangers to a party, or like broadcasting on the radio to unseen listeners to a call-in show. Was I an attention-seeking twitterslut?

I realized I’d wanted to decide who, or choose sympatico people in the niche, etc. But why not be open to whoever, whatever, wherever? What’s the harm in being open?

This is the whole idea in the world of social media. How the personal is social media actually, and how social is this network? It is many to many, one to one and one to many all rolled into one.

Maxed out from this bolus of people, I found myself seeking solace in the relatively private world of friendfeed. Set up an account. Maybe there I could have some control! But after sweeping through my Facebook contacts to see who’s on friendfeed, I just gave up for a time, unplugged. It was like reading a phone book. Why do that?

Oh, just one more thing, I thought, and I opened Finnegan’s Wake to find a quote to post to the Open Source Spirit twitterfeed. The book opened to me, the words all (get this!) made sense! I danced with it, mind alert and light. It was never more clear.

The poetic mind was somehow triggered into integrative activity by the factual overload. Social media pushed to its extreme yields the poetic being. At least in me! “HCE” Joyce had said, Here Comes Everybody!

Warning: don’t turn your back on the ocean. Face it so you can tell when the big waves are coming and ride with them. When your back is turned, they can slap you down. (Or you don’t have to even go to the beach, of course.)

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