Rainy Saturday, Late November


Saturday afternoon, continuous misty rain.

This month has been a whirlwind of transformative experiences: don’t get me started. I’ll just focus on the first thoughts at hand, today, now, at this time.

Open Source Spirit.org has finally got started in earnest, with lots of interviews and posting. In this past month I’ve also got a client’s new site up and running, and helped them set up some initial social media presence, too.

Devendra Banhart is playing now as I sip French Rose tea. I’m wondering what to do about some old blogs that I had started and have now left behind. I need to bring these orphans in out of the cold. But for now, I’ll write up this moment.


The forced narcissus are starting, just, to bloom. I’m enjoying reading Malevich and Film, just finished Powe’s Mystic Trudeau.

I’m reminded that some of the Warhol Screen tests will be shown here next year (PUSH festival) Must remember to get the tix before the last minute and they’re sold out! When will these Screen Tests be put out on DVD so I can have them in my collection?


About Teatime: cup from NOOD (on sale), oakleaf teapot (made in Italy) was a gift, loose tea from Granville Island Tea Company, the cup with the tea: a few tea leaves, a little milk.

I realized this morning that the mind, my brain I mean, seeks deep image satisfaction.

I had a big dose of it this morning, making images to (maybe) use in a video to introduce OpenSourceSpirit.org. Here’s a little of what I was doing:



3 thoughts on “Rainy Saturday, Late November

  1. I too have a couple of blogs left behind. Occasionally, I return to make a post because I hate to let them go. Sadly I don’t have the time to focus on them all. Just two for now.

    By the way, how was the tea? Your teapot is absolutely adorable!

  2. thanks for the comment – yes, I inspired myself and imported two old blogs into this one, and now am done with doing digital housekeeping – even though there is more to do with these old blogs.
    Went to your blog – who knew there was so much to do with tea tea tea? Wonderful

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