Pleasures of Tea

Becoming a tea-lover, tea-freak, tea-lady, tea-connoisseur, you name it – I’m suddenly fascinated by all things tea. At first I thought I should have a tea blog, then decided to just include it in this blog along with all my other fascinations. But if you like tea too, then by all means let me know what you love, why you love it, how you brew it, how you do it.
As I dash this off, I’m sipping Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast tea – they call it ” a robust wide-awake blend of English Breakfast black teas.” I don’t know if it is that robust, actually, but I do love it – and I also appreciate their delicate fabric teabags.
Another favourite of mine, and I know this sounds very anti-elitist, is Kirkland green tea. Yes, Kirkland green tea with matcha, in tea bags from Costco. It has exactly the right combination and zap. I love it, especially at around 3 in the afternoon. Just what the doctor ordered! Clarity of mind? Absolutely. Delicious? Oh yes! But then, I may as yet have an undeveloped palate. For all I know, this Costco green tea might be dreck, even though I enjoy it.
That’s it for the day’s tea report, with this one exception: I met an old friend for tea on the weekend. We went to the beautiful Farfalla, here in Vancouver, and had some exquisite French Earl Grey tea. We’d almost selected a smoky Earl Grey, but once we caught its scent, we knew that it would be too campfire-tasting for us, and went instead for the floral Earl Grey. I know we weren’t supposed to have it with milk, but they gave it to us anyways. Delight!
And for fun, here’s another BFI video, this one on how to make the perfect cup of tea (in 1941, that is!)


3 thoughts on “Pleasures of Tea

  1. I too like the Kirkland Green tea!

    Although in my case,
    it’s not so much about gastronomy
    … nor chaiphilia …

    but the great price
    and wonderful buzz a few cuppa’s deliver.


  2. I like most teas. I have to say the only tea I don’t like is one that contains Jasmin. The Jasmin overpowers the rest of the tea and I quickly loose interest.

    Being Argentinian, I love Yerba Mate and it can be either steeped or with the traditional mate apparatus.

  3. For years I was in love with President’s Choice English Breakfast Tea and would go to extraordinary lengths to find it. Then they changed the packaging, which was fine with me, but the tea changed too.

    Now I’m in love with Hedley’s English Breakfast, but have only ever seen it at WalMart and I won’t commit to shopping there. So any suggestions are greatly appreciated. And in the meantime I’m going to see if I can buy the Hedley’s somewhere else.

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