One Step Beyond!

one-step-beyondWe picked up this incredible bargain at Costco: entire collection of 33 Episodes on an 8 DVD set – “Before the Twilight Zone there was One Step Beyond.” All for $9.99!

Each half hour is a dramatization of a true psychic story or episode. The reproduction/transfer is so poor sometimes it is a murky thing indeed to peer into the world of the psychic in black and white. And the drama in the teleplays sometimes takes a long drawn-out path to reach its conclusion, but it is fun to pick out actors like Cloris Leachman in the casts. They say it is “13 hours of the strange, unexpected and mysterious” and based on true stories. The attitude is a little like the point of view of “Fate Magazine” – another popular artifact of those early days. And all presented by Alcoa Aluminum!

You can see a murky episode here. And there are many others populating the web.

Just after posting this, I saw this link in which “The host travels to Mexico with Andrija Puharich who wrote the 1959 book, The Sacred Mushroom: Key to the Door of Eternity. He also subjects himself to an on-camera ESP test while on psilocybin, and succeeds beyond expectation.”


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