White Tiger Broken Open in China Study by Kabir and People of the Book

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, as you can tell by the book titles in this heading.

I finished Broken Open in a flash, it was a quick self-help Oprah-pick read, and I went into it because of the Omega connection and the Abode connection too – but was surprised to see not a mention of Hazrat Inayat Khan, who brought the Sufi Message to the West,nor of his son Pir Vilayat who founded the Abode of the Message. Lots of Ram Dass and other spiritual teachers mentioned though, and some terrific meditation instruction at the end of the book.

I went on immediately to White Tiger, and in the wake of the Slumdog Millionaire’s Bollywood romance-dream, I dove into another story of entrepreneurism in India. I found it harsh and wry and compelling to the end. Vivid.

Still going through the China Study. It is on loan to me so I really must get it back soon. I think I already know what it is telling me, and since I am a kind of “part-time vegetarian” I can see that the 3packs of organic tofu at Costco will be more of a staple than ever. Veggies here I come!

Also ongoing is the Kabir book, also lent to me, The Anurag Sagar. A cosmic epic of inspired perception, I am sipping this one slowly.

Besides, the novel People of the Book took hold, and didn’t let me down until I had read it. I see a lot of the Red Violin in this one, and even though they tried to market it with some sort of affinity to the Da Vinci Code, it is nothing like that at all. The story of the Jewish people over time as revealed in the Sarajevo Haggadah. Plus it’s a novel that turned out to be a very good read, indeed.


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