Today’s Tea

One of the Dilmah tea gardens

One of the Dilmah tea gardens

Today’s morning tea was English Breakfast tea from Dilmah (single origin pure Ceylon). Yes it came from a teabag, because that seems to work best for me in the mornings. A spot of milk in this tea makes it just right. Sharpened and awake, it is time for meditation, then actual breakfast. country-peach-passionJames doesn’t take caffeine so his morning tea is always something different – today from the Celestial Seasonings fruit tea variety pack. This morning I made each of these teas in the cup, didn’t bother with a teapot. Is this bad? Or simply convenient?

I did two interviews this morning for Open Source Spirit, and both places offered me a cup of tea as we talked! Yes! Both boiled their water in kettles on the stove – one was a whistling kettle which is always fun.

The first, a green tea from a lovely hand-potted teapot, with a well-used warm tea cozy, was served in a blue pottery mug.

The second, Orange Mandarin Spice, steeped in a beautiful tetsubin (cast iron tea pot), and served beautifully in a classic china teacup with saucer. My second cup of this everyday Celestial Seasonings tea was even better than the first, after it had steeped a little longer.

Cast Iron Teapot

How much tea can one person drink in a day? Well, after shopping I came in and immediately put on the electric kettle, and made some French Blend, from the Granville Island Tea Company, steeped in my own smaller cast iron tea pot. Lavender, rose, black tea and I have no idea what else is in there, but it was just the right interlude before the work demands of the end of the week.

I believe that’s the end of today’s tea report – unless I make a cup after dinner 😉


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