My Breville Electric Kettle

After a lot of research, we decided on a Breville kettle. From Australia (I think) this kettle is like a powerful little steam engine! I was astonished at its uptake when I first used it: dynamite! Up to a boil in no time! I didn’t want a tall jug kettle – so this one fit the bill. Ikon 1.6.

Here in Canada, electric kettles are more the norm than the stove-tops, but it isn’t easy finding one that is the right weight, a design we want, and one that is basically – well – interesting. When the old Sunbeam standard kettle just gave up the ghost, we started our research for the perfect electric kettle. breville-ikon-1.6

I had a romantic idea about using one of the little black Chinese electric kettles, but it just wouldn’t hold enough water. Plus it looked a little bit rickety. We got our Breville at Ming Wo on Pender a few years ago and it has stood us in good stead. Now I see that the sci-fi blue indicator light is flickering but the kettle is still steaming away.

Another feature I can’t do without now is the automatic off-switch – something that stove top kettles don’t have. I hear the click, know it’s ready, but don’t have to jump up and get the kettle right away.


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