Yes We Can!

UPDATE on the proposed tree removal:

I spoke with a city worker on the site who told me people were there this morning, and the trees are not going to be removed, they are redesigning something right now to care for the roots.

Emails were circulated by business owners and residents! City responded! yes we can!

I’ll post more when I have more details.


2 thoughts on “Yes We Can!

  1. Ah, a woman who talks to trees. Somehow, I just knew it. And they are SUCH great conversationalists, so much better than humans. Good for you.


  2. Yes we can!

    A simple and powerful affirmation eh?

    Did you know
    that it comes from
    the great and honorable leader
    Caesar Chavez … who worked deeply
    and spiritually and practically
    for the farm workers here in America?

    it’s even more powerful in Spanish
    because it has both rhythm and rhyme
    in addition to the aspirational uplift!

    Sí, se puede
    Sí, se puede

    Hey … when Barack swipes a slogan
    he steals from the VERY best!

    More great stuff
    about these three simple words
    over at wikipedia …
    (but only for TOTAL wordnerds)

    Yours Truly

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