Rooibos – Good for You, Good for Africa

liz-smilingLiz Bandelin, President of Nu-Tea, stopped by on her way to this weekend’s  The Victoria Tea Festival where she’s speaking on Rooibos – Good for You, Good for Africa.

She’s a fountain of amazing information on all things Rooibos, and all the good things that this tea can do for our health. We had a lovely talk, and she brought with her a black carafe of a delicious organic Rooibos and Honeybush blend that she had made early that morning. It was around 5pm when we got together, and the tea was still delicious, not at all bitter, even though the tea bags were still in the carafe!tea-carafe

As we sipped this naturally sweet and healthful tea, Liz told me about their microloan program for women’s enterprise in Africa, and described the farm and its good organic practices in growing, harvesting, fermenting and preparing the tea.

Images of Africa were very strong, as she talked of the animals that live in this Cederberg Wilderness Area, one of the most pristine and species-rich parts of South Africa, and the rock art from the original Khoi people. Although the Khoisan Bushmen have long disappeared, the farmers on the Rooibos tea farm where Tega is grown are descendants of these original human inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa.

Liz also showed me her line of Rooibos tea, with animal images for each of the blends.  I was particularly interested in the “green” rooibos – not a contradiction in terms, but simply the unfermented version of this anti-oxidant rich, caffeine-free wonder tea. This is new to me, and something I must try.

liz-tega-teasHere’s Liz with all the Tega Rooibos teas in one sample box, including Blackcurrant, Chai, Passionfruit, Honeybush, Red and Green.

Our meeting was, as she says”tea-riffic” – there’s so much depth and meaning in this wonderful tea grown in high hills of South Africa. I’m sure her talk on her Tega teas was well received, and if you were at the Tea Festival and heard her talk, please add a comment. Liz also left me with quite a bit of information on the benefits of  Rooibos teas which I’ll share with you in future posts.

I’ve started sipping the Tega Rooibos and Blackcurrant blend mid-morning, instead of having a caffeinated tea break, and I’m enjoying its soothing effects, plus great taste. After a few times I’ve found the exact steeping time and strength that I personally prefer.

Here’s her site: Nu-Tea for Tega Rooibos.


3 thoughts on “Rooibos – Good for You, Good for Africa

  1. I was introduced to Rooibos 6 or 7 years ago.

    Since then,
    there’s always a couple of “reds” in the tea box
    where Telisa and I keep the best stuff.

    And I like it STRONG …. steeped superlong.

    Love the new teablog….


  2. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I have heard that it grows virtually wild and therefore close to “organic”. I have been drinking Rooibos since the late 90’s when weaned myself off caffeine. Rooibos with added milk is the only tea that satisfies my deep rooted desire for good black tea with milk. Knowing that it is loaded with antioxidants makes the experience even better. I did not know green red tea was available.

    • Yes, Rooibos is a wonderful tea. I prefer it blended – like with honeybush or blackcurrant, rather than straight up. Never had it with milk – must try that. The green unfermented is relatively new on my tea horizon too!

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