Tea Tea Tea – always a surprise!


I’ve been tasting some amazing teas lately, thanks to the Co-op Tea Swap. Every couple of weeks, new loose tea arrives at my mail box.

Mango Rooibos from Adagio Tea – sweet and uplifting.
Darjeeling Goomtee 2nd Flush from TeaLogic – deliciously refined, perfect with milk and sugar. And when it steeped too long, I enjoyed also the darker bitter aspect.
Indian Spice from Harney and Sons – a lovely chai, I had it with milk and a bit of sugar.
Ancient Emerald Lily from Rishi Tea – I just had some this afternoon. It was amazing to see how the leaves expanded before releasing their subtle flavors. Beautiful.
Chloe Green Tea – I will have to try that one again. Not much to report on that one.
English Caramel Black Tea – ooh, completely yummy! Greatly satisfying.
Plum Oolong (also Rishi Tea) – exquisite, and perfect for a winter afternoon – my romantic favorite.

I’m not sure what’s up with the delays in my receiving packages of tea from the US – but in general it should work! And if you’re here in Canada lets be sure to match up.


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