Afternoon Tea in Calgary

Gracious living and women’s conversation, tea and sympathy.

Tea at Fran's

Fran’s beautiful blue and white pottery served a selection of three teas on Saturday afternoon in Calgary. Three! How delightful!

I started with the refreshing Jasmine Green tea, just for the taste, and then couldn’t resist going directly to the Irish tea with milk. Surprisingly smooth, I tried for a second cup but we had already finished it off. Martha had the Moroccan Mint, which I also love, but didn’t taste this time around – and my mum, who turned 89 the day before, had the Irish with milk also.

I loved seeing this tea service gleaming in the afternoon sunlight, so snapped this photo before we left, to share it with you. Often we imagine tea happening in a tea shop or tea house, making a special occasion out of the ordinary stuff of life.

Here we did the same thing in the peaceful atmosphere of a home.

Heightening the everyday with the ritual of tea, and tea’s endless varieties and moods, can deepen our connection to each other, establishing a beautiful setting for contact and conversation. If the brain waves were measured, we’d see a marked calming of the spirit. And at the same time the uplifting effect of the caffeine in most teas keeps us alert and conversational.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea in Calgary

  1. What a wonderful website, Carol. When I think about it, whatever the personal or global times may be, ‘the ‘culture of teas’ is remarkably simple, elegant, and unifying for us all. An important source to broaden this c0ffee-riddled world’s mindset, ever expanding our hearts.
    In gratitude, Martha.
    ps….my mother and several friends will love learning about your website.

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