Women in Film Festival New Media Day

A fantastic lineup of remarkable women digerati will be sharing their expertise and enthusiasm on Wed. March 4th for a full day of immersion in new media.

Erica Hargreave of Bridging Media, and the whole organizing team have created varied and fascinating panels that include leaders in the Canadian new media environment. It’s a great opportunity to get a wide overview of what’s happening digitally in media, art, business, community, then use this info to get cooking and apply it to your own projects.  Panel details are outlined here on the Bridging Media site. So much to learn and share throughout this day, in the company of such amazingly accomplished and extraordinary women in media.

I’ll be there, on the Social Media How-To panel, along with Erica Hargreave, Monica Hamburg and Gillian Shaw.

WIFF New Media Day is part of Vancouver’s annual Women in Film Festival. More about the event here on their site.

Gillian Shaw’s Vancouver Sun Digital Life article


2 thoughts on “Women in Film Festival New Media Day

  1. Love the word ‘digirati’! Thanks Carol!

    Looking forward to our panel on Wednesday!


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