17 Women Answer One Question

What is your Favorite Tea?

At a recent Circle of Women event in Roberts Creek, we casually passed the flip video camera around and each woman answered this simple question. The range of responses were as varied as the personalities.
Tea with love, tea for conversation, herbal, black and rooibos, from loose tea to tea in round teabags – so many kinds of tea were invoked in the room: Earl Grey, chai rooibos, French blend, Chai, Saba tea from Borneo, brown rice tea, blackcurrant tea, licorice tea, coffee (how did that get in there?), dragon tears jasmine, yerba mate, peppermint, golden darjeeling, nettle, white sage and wild mint.



3 thoughts on “17 Women Answer One Question

  1. such an enjoyable event. i think you worked some magic, Carol, to get such a lovely flow. I was so happy to see all your faces, and hear your voices again.

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