Tea at the Blogger Meetup

While almost everyone else had a beer, I just automatically ordered my restaurant staple, Earl Grey tea. Imagine my pleasant surprise when my tea, from a teabag and unknown source, was so sharply flavourful! This wasn’t any tired old Earl Grey – it had zing and scent and flavour. Mmmm. Perfect on a rain-sleety evening in Vancouver.

This month’s blogger meetup was at the End Cafe, a loud sports bar. There were about 40 of us at the two long tables. John Chow gave away a free book, Blog Blazers, to all who attended, and we mingled and talked with each other about our blogs, interests, and passions while trading tech tips. Lots of iphones on the table, along with laptops, notepads, and business cards.

I can only assume their Earl Grey tea was individually packaged to retain all the goodness, and that it came from a great source. A woman across from me ordered Peppermint tea, and I caught its scent on the steam as she poured….

All this in a sports bar near the skytrain station at the end of Commercial Drive! Proof that good tea is getting easier and easier to find all the time.


2 thoughts on “Tea at the Blogger Meetup

  1. I love a good glass of iced tea as well as hot tea. I rarely order hot tea out unless others are having coffee after dinner. Done it more often when having chinese for dinner. 🙂

    As to quality at a restaurant, several in our area have started carrying Tazao brand teas. Some of those even in little boxes. So the quality of the offerings is improving, though no where near European. Ha.

  2. I’m sorry it waas so noisy, but I promise I’ll do my best for the next time to find a quieter place. However, in their defence, I must say The End Cafe were very accomodating and rather sweet 🙂

    Lovely to see you as always, Carol!

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