8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony in Vancouver

8,000 Sacred Drums Ceremony

8000 sacred drums Vancouver

March 21, 2009 2:00-5:00 pm Victory Square Park (Cambie and E. Hastings)

This is a worldwide call to Indigenous Peoples and Humankind to join together. According to a 500 year old Otomi (Mexico) Prophecy, the day when the sounds of eight thousand sacred drums join together an intense healing Healing of Mother Earth will commence. The earth we share today is in total disequilibrium. Let’s work together so we can live together on the road to Sacred Peace, in harmony with the Universe, Mother Nature, the Community, the Family and our own Hearts.

** PROGRAM:** – Gather at 2 pm – Elders opening, followed by speakers – 3 pm: Drumming circle (ALL NATIONS, PLEASE JOIN US!) – 4 pm: Elders/youth storytelling and sharing circle hosted by Indigenous Action Movement and No One Is Illegal

Organized by the Indigenous Action Movement with the support of No One Is Illegal, Anti Poverty Committee, and BCGEU.

Email: powwowlistings@gmail.com or see Event page on Facebook:


5 thoughts on “8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony in Vancouver

  1. Hi Carol: I enjoyed the drum festival info and I especially enjoyed Embroidery post & seeing your coat again. It was not outrageous, it was/is art..for others like me to envy your ability and enjoy at the same time. What happened to it? Seems to me it (coat) was very personal so glad it leaked out. I’ve never done a media branding exercise, but from anyone I’ve spoken with about them sounded like it was often painful. Maybe as with its physical counter-part they should be abolished. Lots of Love,Roberta

    • You asked about the coat? I still have it, here in my closet. For a time a few years back I hung it on a wall as an art piece, then put it in the closet until the next request for a Halloween costume (go as a hippie!) or maybe as an unbelievable heirloom for future generations!

  2. Greetings: RE coat of love… I would be careful who I lent it to if I were you….I think it is art and btw I had forgotten the original poodle cloth green, but as I contemplate it now, I have a memory of how good you looked in it as well & u still do. I loved the conversation re Intention, including the past…and I am starting to have a memory re driving in the trees and the back seat …wud like to review that further with you another time. U remember things about my life I have forgotten and I find that very interesting…thanks for this. Love To You …Roberta

  3. Carol,
    I was in Argentina on March 21, 2009 and so fortunate to witness the 8000 drums ceremony in Capilla del Monte, a very sacred place. I didn’t know until now that other such transformational ceremonies were being held in other place on the Earth. I look forward to being part of this beautiful healing of Mother Earth again and wonder if you know where or how I can find out if there will be a continuation on March 21, 2010?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Sharon, I have no idea if there will be another, I guess we just watch for the signs and info, someone will say so. they have a facebook page…

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