Getting Used to Tea at Murchie’s

Carol Sill pours tea

I’m getting used to having tea at Murchie’s on Pender in Vancouver.

It’s a combination teashop and cafe, and although at first I was put off by the teabags (rather than loose tea), along with the standard coffee shop cream/sugar table, I’m used to it now.

Having had a couple of great tea conversations there, I can see how Murchie’s fits into the Vancouver tea constellation. No pretension, just a teashop, with a sturdy variety of teas, and many interesting pots, cups, cozies, biscotti, etc. all available. The staff seems to really know their teas, which is a plus.

The room is large so there isn’t any crowded feeling, and if you can manage to get a place with a comfy chair, its really quite a lovely place to have a good chat. Tea comes in a pot, cups come with saucers, all are placed on a “silver” tray. Check it out if you’re downtown in Vancouver.

This photo was taken by artist and book designer, Jacqueline Wang. I confess I’d finished my tea by the time she snapped this: you’ll notice that there’s not a drop left in cup or pot!

I still have to try some of their less Colonial teas – the variety includes Green, chai, and much more.

And really, how could we have a tea blog in Vancouver without mentioning Murchie’s? This grande old dame has been the “Queen of Cups” for some time here. But like many businesses, it went into receivership a year or so ago. Murchie’s was family-based, founded in 1894, with stores in both Vancouver and Victoria. The stores and teashops are now owned by Belmont Management of Victoria. I feel it is still finding its new voice, but there is hope, with a great opportunity for Murchie’s to return to former glory on the waves of the new interest in tea that seems to be sweeping through the zeitgiest.

For more on tea at Murchie’s, see Zakira’s article.


2 thoughts on “Getting Used to Tea at Murchie’s

  1. I love the picture of you pouring tea!
    I can’t let your mentioning Murchie”s go without adding my own memories.
    My dear old aunt Isobel used to take me to Murchie’s starting when I was staying with her during summer vacations. I was about 10 years old (1955). For her, the purchase of her treasured tea was made even more special by the fact they had created for her “the Davy blend”. She lived with grand style and tea after lunch was served in Blue Willow cups with saucers. My uncle Cecil, always had a similar looking cup but in red and double the size. My love affair with tea began with milk and two spoons of sugar. Not being permitted to drink tea then in my own home, further cemented the bond, and later when I could buy my own tea Murchie’s # 10 became my favourite. Loose, of course.

  2. Now, now, teabags are not just for the proletariat! Here in North Carolina, I buy lovely Darjeelings at “A Southern Season” (, which is about as close to the lovely tea experience so readily available in BC. Great picture…

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