Love that Experimental Micro-Psychokinesis

In the last edition of the Wholphin DVD series, there was a Select Your Intention experiment using random event generation. Data collected went to – and what a world this is, one which sets out to prove that our intention does actually affect events.

PEAR research, experimental micro-psychokinesis, find out more at the Psyleron site, and on the stripmind video channel. Videos there explore the work of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory and also are part of a new consciousness course – so I wonder how much longer they will be on for free. Catch them while you can.

Resonance was such a strong understanding of the poets down through the ages, and the effects of powerful intention are seen all through our physical world. It’s great that people are quantifying some of what we have always known.

Interestingly, the video DVD experiment asks us to not only affect the baseline, high, low random event generator readout, but – here’s the kick – our present consciousness could affect it in the past. Time travel by quantum attention? Trippy stuff!


One thought on “Love that Experimental Micro-Psychokinesis

  1. I remember reading about research into prayer that was conducted in England in the early 2000’s.

    The guy looked into “dosage” to see if prayer
    became more powerful if repeated more often…

    He looked into proximity… does prayer work
    better if the person praying is physically close?

    But here’s the best one.
    He had people praying for a pre-selected population
    that (unknown to the persons praying) were undergoing
    some VERY serious surgical procedures.

    The persons praying did not personally know
    the person they were praying for,
    but they had a picture of the person
    they were praying for … taken just before the operation.

    And what he found out was …
    the group of sick people who WERE prayed for
    had better outcomes that were statistically meaningful!

    The control group, (not prayed for) had outcomes
    that were what you would expect. Substantially worse
    than the group that WAS prayed for.

    OK…. that is about what a spiritually sensitive
    person might expect.

    But here’s the twist in the story …

    The pictures of the sick people were all 10 years old.
    The operations happened 10 years ago.

    It seems that the prayers travelled back in
    time so the experimental group could have
    surgical outcomes much better than expected.

    Or was it that the body/soul/spirit of
    the experimental group could could somehow anticipate
    that sometime in the future these persons
    would be prayed for … and THAT’s what made the difference.

    You might have to think about this for
    a minute to really “get it” … hmmmmm?



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