Jazz Mint, I am Your Fan!

Late yesterday afternoon, just in from shopping, I brewed a small pot of tea, something I hadn’t tried yet from the co-op tea swap. What a delight! This Jazz Mint (No.860) from Special Teas is a real winner. Invigorating and bright, it really took the end of the day and made it something – well – special.

As you might have guessed, I’m a little suspicious of these many-flavoured teas – mixtures that seem to add distraction and unnecessary fussiness to otherwise perfectly good teas. I know, my ranting against cute tea blends is becoming a bit of a hobby-horse. I just can’t take teas that are like those ugly holiday sweaters! Yes it is always good to have a new flavour to discover, but to my mind I had yet to be convinced.

In general, I would rather go deeply into the teas themselves, rather than skim the surface with the blends made from adding candies, flowers, herbs and flavourings. The world of tea is so rich and varied without the addition of artificialities.

Called “Jazz Mint” because it is a blend of jasmine, mint and green tea (get it? Jazmint?) this blend could have easily been one I disregarded. But I willfully ignored its cute name and was well-rewarded. This tea is wonderful, and I can’t wait to try it in the summer as an iced tea.

Perhaps because it wasn’t a fruity blend, I really thoroughly enjoyed its blend of flavours, and the effect, as I’ve mentioned, is very invigorating and pleasantly satisfying.


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