Matcha at Ooh Cha Teahouse

A couple of weekends ago, I went with a local meetup group to taste tea at Ooh Cha Teahouse on Kingsway, here in Vancouver.
We settled in as proprietor Karen Duffield took us on a beautiful and informative tour of teas. Karen is an independent owner and tea lover who spent many years in Japan, before returning to Vancouver to establish her tea business.

For our tasting, the teas were all be paired with a sample of the food that best suits the tea and some information on each tea and the its qualities.

Black Tea – Lapsang Souchong (smokey tea) , Assam (high grade black tea)
Green Tea – Balzac Black (black Oolong), Matcha (ground powdered tea)
Herbal Tea – Mate Chai (Chai tea) , Ayurvedic Cleansing Tea

Here’s Karen making matcha for us.

I’ll post a few other videos in the days to come.


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