Under New Management

A friend once described the changes she had gone through as being “under new management” – just like the restaurant that closes for a few days, then re-opens with new red checked tablecloths and a different menu. Well, it now happened to me. I’m under new management, partly due to being away for a time. Funny how taking a step back can actually be a step forward, in the scheme of things. gingham-tablecloth

New Management ideas are percolating through my mind and I’ll share a few of them here in the next few blog postings. I’ve been involved in so many different blogs and activities that I’ve been a mite neglectful of this one blog that is mine and mine alone. New management may migrate this blog over to self-hosting. I can’t help but notice that the number of blogs hosted by wordpress.com seem to be diminishing – where are they all going to? Is there a purge I’m not aware of, or is the word that blogging is dead filtering through even those of us who really do care about it. I recall when I first began and the number of blogs that wordpress.com hosted was around 25000 or so. I was, in that sense, a late adopter. Watching the numbers rise over time, I couldn’t help but feel that this was an ongoing surging wave. But like so many things in this current economy, there are now changes even in the blogosphere.

We don’t know where we’re going with all this change in the economy, the climate, the blogosphere, or our own selves. All I can say is that I’m under new management, and I hope this restaurant is going to survive with its new decor, two-for-one coupons and a lot of wishing.


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