High Tea Tweetup at the Secret Garden

It was a lovely Easter Sunday afternoon high tea in Vancouver: an event beautifully tweeted-up by Karen from Tiny Bites. Here’s some very casual video of the occasion, our party of 8 (with only one man.)

NEWS FLASH: Here’s the FULL Report with lots of pix and desc. at Tiny Bites.


5 thoughts on “High Tea Tweetup at the Secret Garden

  1. Thanks for posting your clips, Carol. I’m glad someone noted what we were eating!

    Mind if I embed your video in the event recap I’ll be churning out?

    • Yes, feel free to link to the video. I look forward to seeing your recap – especially because you noted the teas each of us chose – I remember I had a sip of Emme’s and it was wonderful. I’d like to order it next time I go there, but can’t recall what it was!

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  3. Well, this looks incredibly civilized and lovely. I do love a well done afternoon tea, which is a rarety around here. I’m sorry I missed this:) Will have to check it out very soon.

    • Around here? are you in Seattle? Encourage High Tea – its a wonderful active way to drop out of busyness for an afternoon.

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