My Tea Basket

There is a small box within my tea basket, there I keep smaller bags of tea. Join me as I go through this box, finding bits of delicious teas that I’ve yet to blog about. Confession: I’ve just been enjoying myself with teas and haven’t been documenting the experience much. Here are some of the leafy mixtures now on hand, some I’ve tried, others that are still waiting to be tasted.

1. The last bit of Balzac Black Oolong. Ooo this is such a fine oolong! I’ve been drinking this tea almost daily, ever since I got some from the Ooh Cha tasting last month. Sadly, that teashop is now closed, but Karen is still selling her teas online direct. This is a must-taste tea, with large rolled leaves that unfurl their magic flavors.

2. Some Harney and Sons Indian Spice black Tea – with cardamon seeds, cinnamon, and added cardamon flavor. Its a lovely tea, and I saved one last bit of it for a special moment. But why wait for a special moment. The teas will be less and less fresh, so I should really just dive in and use them up, right?

3. Organic White Tea with cranberries and mallow flowers. I don’t want this tea, tried it and didn’t really like it. So it sits in the bottom of the basket and waits for a moment when it will somehow come out and shine. I can always give it away to someone who might like it. That’s actually how it came to me! How many times has this tea been regifted?

4. Formosa Natural Wune Honey Black Tea. I love this tea. Right now I only have a sample from the people at Aura teas, and I am definitely going back for more! I’ll devote a full article to this tea.

5. Wenshan Baochong Choice. I haven’t opened up this sample yet, again this is from Aura. Leaves look intriguing, and when I can give it my true attention I’ll discover its qualities.

6. Organic Lapsang Souchong. With so many other teas to choose from, I don’t naturally gravitate toward this one. Maybe I’m waiting to take it camping? Or to drink it upstairs on the roof in the evening? Some dark, smoky mood perhaps?

7. Rou Kuei Oolong. There is barely a teaspoon of this left, so I’ll be making a very small cup of fine elixir from this one. My palate for oolong is developing slowly, and it’s so interesting to sense the subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences between them. I’m learning to trust my own taste here, my own explorations. This one is organic, from Aura Teas.

8. Formosa Aged Dongding Oolong. Sharing a little of the smoky quality of the lapsang souchong, but in a more delicate resonance, this oolong is my choice for tea on a raining afternoon at 4.

9. Herbal Calming Chai. I have a little of this in a small bag, again from Aura, and it IS calming, and refreshing too. Because it has lovely helpful qualities it’s great to sip in the evening.

10. Green Tea. Just a little bag of unknown green tea. I must try it. Not sure if this is fine green tea or prosaic grocery store green. Taste test coming soon.

11. Organic Silver Needle White Tea. A rare tea from Aura teas, I keep waiting for that special moment when I am undistracted and can give this tea the attention I think it deserves. Not knowing much about the white teas, I hope this one will be a benchmark for the rest of the whites I will be tasting in the future.

12. Jasmine Green Tea from Layla (at Another familiar tea, but as I haven’t tried this particular version of the jasmine green blend before, I’ll give it a good attentive brewing.

Thanks To Aura Teas and to the Co-op Tea Swap for many of these treasure teas!


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