For Mum

I’m just back after being with my mum who is in Foothills Hospital in Calgary. Mum grew up in Canmore, Alberta, and we had a sweet moment talking with my brother about the alpine flowers she remembers.

We also talked about St. Michael’s Anglican Church, where her family donated some stained glass windows in memory of their father, E.A.Colebrook, who had managed the mine store for many years.

Here’s where it is. View Larger Map Zoom out to see the mountain location.
And the flowers:

I’ll be blogging more about this hospital visit, and the opening of the family memory banks in future posts.

For the tea report on this time in Calgary, go to my tea blog, Cha-Cha-Cha, and the posts:

Hospital Tea – all about tea at the hospital

Exquisite: Naked Leaf – video of a lovely owner-operated tea shop

Oolong Tea House in Calgary – a place near the hospital where I went once in a while for tea and wireless, meeting James on iChat!


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