Hospital Tea

foothills hospitalIn the hospital they offer tea or coffee with every meal. If the tea is anything like the coffee, it may barely resemble the beverage you thought it should be. It comes in a teabag, beside a cup of hot water which is rapidly becoming tepid. However, there is also an endless supply of teabags and an electric kettle on every ward for patients to make a cup for themselves. This tea is just okay, especially as it has to be made in the styrofoam cups provided. There is a choice of 2% milk or cream, honey or white sugar, and arrowroot biscuits if you save them from the evening water/snack delivery. Still, it beats the Nescafe decaf single packs every time.

While visiting my mum I made us this tea some afternoons, and it wasn’t too bad. I’d go to the “kitchen” and bring us back cups of tea.

At the cafeteria there was a great selection of Tazo teas, and I also went to the Good Earth coffee shop for a matcha from time to time. It was a little lumpy, but the matcha antioxidant goodness was still brilliantly invigorating. I brought my own teas, too. A lovely oolong, loose tea, and teabags of black tea and Kirkland green with matcha.

Being able to make tea at the hospital offered a bit of a break and a breather.


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