TheanineWhy? Because it induces alpha brain activity, creating relaxed alertness. And because it is such an important ingredient in the relaxation effect of a good cup of tea – black or green.

That “matcha buzz” isn’t only the caffeine, but also the L-theanine. Why ever take supplements? Just google L-theanine and you’ll see hundreds of providers of capsules of the stuff, along with terrific testimonials. Why take this in capsules when you can participate in the ancient perennial tea culture, and find pleasurable enjoyment and stimulation of the palate with a good cup of tea? Not only that, but the pleasure can be shared.

I’m sure there are studies proving that in the sharing of tea (and the Theanine)  a transpersonal resonance amplifies the effect. Enjoyment, participation, laughter, sharing, warmth: all contribute to the positive anti-anxiety effects of theanine.theanine 1

Don’t pop a lonely capsule and carry on with a day of busyness and anxiety producing activities. Slow down for a moment, take a tea break, relax your system naturally, and give it time and space to retune your being to its optimum frequency!

More on theanine and L-theanine here at wikipedia.

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