Chartres LabyrintheWhile in Calgary visiting my mum in hospital, I discovered a finger labyrinth in the Foothills Hospital chapel. It was really a lesson in life to make use of this incredible meditation tool. Their version was in wood, and I could stand and trace the pathways with my finger. Don’t go too fast or you miss the turn. Just when you think you have it made, there is a sudden change, and you have to go with it. All this mirrored the ups and downs of mum’s good days and bad days, and so helped my linear logical mind to accept that these things have their own path and method.

Direct is not the way of the heart. I’m so grateful to have found this labyrinth at that time, and I really recommend that anyone who is looking for a “good work” to do: please donate a finger labyrinth to your local hospital chapel. It is a teaching beyond words.

One thought on “Learning Life Lessons from the Labyrinth

  1. thank you for this post! i have never seen a finger labyrinth but now i’m eager to find one. and to give one.

    my heart sends good wishes to you and your family. what a journey this is!

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