Tea Ceremony – a Time for Self-Reflection

When I was super-busy I used to nurture a fantasy of learning the tea ceremony, and that it would somehow give me more time in my life. I was inspired to read this great article in the Wall Street Journal on Tea for Today: Read full article here. Here’s a short excerpt:

The tea ceremony is closely connected with Zen Buddhism, and Mr. Sen has trained as a monk in a temple in Kyoto. When he meditates, he says, “there is an opportunity for self-reflection, almost as if one sees oneself as well as an objective self viewing the self.” This feeling is similar to what he experiences when he is performing the tea ceremony, he says.

“Tea provides an opportunity for self-reflection,” Mr. Sen says, “for deepening human relationships. It’s also an escape from the everyday.” Which brings us to the readers of The Wall Street Journal. “You have a readership of important business people,” he says, “who are very busy, who spend a lot of time at work.” The first devotees of the tea ceremony were daimyo, or feudal lords, he says, who used the tea room to strike business deals and plot political moves. The modern-day analogue for business people is golf, he says.


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