Loose Tea on the Patio in Field BC

Tea at Field's Cherchez la Vache Travelling back to Vancouver we stopped at Chercher la Vache, now one of our favourite spots to eat in Field, BC. The mountain sunshine took us to their patio, where I had a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea, with floral qualities that were outstanding.

Food was good too, but the tea was such a treat. Travelling on the highway often means there isn’t good tea to be had, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Mighty Leaf has made inroads to many of the roadside cafes, and even at a fastfood restaurant in Hope there was a great selection for takeout. This tea wasn’t theirs, however, and I regret I didn’t ask what it was.

Tea culture has definitely surpassed the days of Red Rose and Salada! How uplifting to be able to stop and sip a truly delicious cup of fine tea.

As you can see in this photo, my tea came in a ceramic pot with an infuser insert for the leaves. Now wouldn’t it be perfect if there could be cups provided that were just for tea alone – something just a little finer than the standard coffee mug? Now that would be heaven-plus!

And I do also recommend the food at Chercher la Vache! Excellent. Go to their site, you’ll see a great photo of the place!


3 thoughts on “Loose Tea on the Patio in Field BC

  1. Hot Tea in Cold Mountains.
    Han Shan smiles down from Eternity.

    Loving the joys of the mountains,
    Wandering completely free,
    stopping now, drinking tea

    Thinking thoughts that go nowhere.
    Steaming cha, consumed, goes nowhere.

    White cup, blue pot, green trees, smiling woman
    Driving west through mountains no longer called home.

    No direction is better or worse,
    East just as good as West.
    Those who know the meaning of this
    are free to go where they want.

    No direction is better or worse
    East is just as good as West.
    Those who know the meaning of this
    drink tea with freedom wherever they go

    With apologies to Han Shan
    and the western slopes of the Rockies

  2. It is great to know that us tea lovers are starting to have options when traveling. With an average six month shelve life you would think more restaurants would carry loose leaf tea for us. And, I agree with you, it would be so nice to be served that lovely pot of infused tea with a like lovely cup and saucer made just for tea.

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