Promoting Tea Culture

Tea Group Founders

Last week we met to begin discussing our new tea group, founded to promote tea culture in Vancouver.

Karen Duffield from Ooh Cha, Fionna Du from Aura Teas, and Liz Bandelin, from Tega Teas smiled quickly for my camera just as they were leaving.

We had sat up on the roof, sipping honeybush/rooibos that Liz brought along. Fionna gave us each some lovely Formosa Oolong to take home. Karen kindly looked at the silver tea pot that had been my mother’s and let me know it would make fine cups of tea indeed.

We brainstormed many ideas, with the central core being this:

  • Tea is universal
  • Tea is healthy
  • Connecting with tea is a connection with the earth
  • Due to our fast food culture, we are losing our own tastebuds
  • Tea is connected to all peoples
  • All tea is very ancient in origin
  • There is a calmness about tea that we want to express

More to come, and if you wish to connect with us, please add a comment below.


3 thoughts on “Promoting Tea Culture

  1. Enjoying your blog very much. I am new to the Vancouver region and therefore been staying up reading as much as I can online to discover who’s who and what’s going on in the tea scene in this beautiful place that my family and I am calling our new home.

    Kudos on having a wonderful tea-centric blog. Would be delighted to be part of your tea group if you have room for one more.

  2. Hello,
    It is lovely to see your blog, but would like to add a couple of things.
    Murchies Tea has been a staple in Vancouver for close to 100 years and their teas are many and I personally love their #10. Also the Bon Ton Bakery on West Broadway has the absolute best french pastries, they have also been around Vancouver for 80 years or so. The Bon Ton is my favorite place to go for “High Tea” you may have what ever strikes your fancy and you pay separately for each item. YUM. They also serve Murchies teas.

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