Is Singing Stone Technology Too Good To Be True?

I’ve seen a few sites from China about muyustone, and the products look the same or similar – tea cups, tea glasses, teapots and other objects that make use of this particular jade.  It interests me and I’m wondering if anyone in Vancouver or Richmond carries these products.

muyustone tea setThe sites I’ve looked at are: and I came across this “Rosewood singing stone” info, at the Muyustone site.

Rosewood singing stone is one kind of costful jade ore, it was formed 5.5—5.8 hundred million years ago. The producing area is only in the west cordillera of Taishan Mountain,where was listed in world three antiquity section sample mountains. The reserve is finity and very valuable. The color, the veins and the sound of the singing stone is same like the sound of the wooden fish knock by the monk when they pattering, so the people call it Rosewood singing stone.
Depend on the record of 《Compendium of Material Medical》, the singing stone is rare and valuable Chinese traditional medicine material, formal name is Taiyi yuliang or Yuyuliang. Its nature is gentle and innocuity, and it benefits to the internal organs of human body. The content of microelement-strontium and selenium is higher in the water of Wooden Fish lapidarist tea set, it can prevent cancer, anticancer, anti consenescence, prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease and so on. Further more, it can temper physiology enginery, accelerate metabolism, improve memory, to make people full of vitality. And it is good to health, such as; stronger your body, be able to bear cold and hot, no hungry feeling, and also prolong your life by drinking the water of Wooden Fish lapidarist tea set for a long duration. And the microelement of Wooden Fish Jade can be absorbed by the body and skin and produce special “photoemission”, focusing and store the energy, forming “the electromagnetism” and befell the resonance with human body, moreover, it radiate farness infrared ray which can be imbibe by human body and place a premium on the cell of moisture consuming sympathetic in the human body, acting light circulation system and help the circulation of human blood. So we have the saying that “it is the fate if you have it and contrary you can not get it”, it increase the status value of the singing stone.


One thought on “Is Singing Stone Technology Too Good To Be True?

  1. That’s some very cute broken English and the message is quite sophisticated in spite of it. I don’t much doubt the virtues of this Singing Stone as to the health of those who brew tea in it. However, in my opinion it’s not going to be nearly as powerful as the tea itself for helping the health of the drinker. –Spirituality of Tea

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