Inner Alchemy: Bespoke Tea Services

Artisanal Teas
Artisanal Teas

I came across Dawna Ehman’s beautiful display of artisanal tea blends at the Gastown Farmer’s Market recently. There is a beauty and rooted understanding of the refinement that is tea culture in her work.

Her exquisite teas are all hand-blended with verve and panache – she takes the risk of blending high-end teas that usually stand on their own, and are not commonly mixed or blended, and succeeds beautifully.

tea display
Inner Alchemy Teas

For example, the Verdant Jewel green tea blend (with wild mint, organic mint and crystallized ginger) mixes premium organic “Snow Buds” green tea with superior grade “Silver Needles” white tea. This produces a very refined tea that stands above the blended teas we normally taste. I very much enjoyed this tea when I made it at home – and like many fine teas it can bear more than one infusion, far better than allowing it to become bitter by the time you get to the second cup!

living jewel collection
These teas are called the Living Jewel Collection

Attention to detail makes these teas perfect from their beginning with only the finest ingredients, to their presentation in exquisite and beautifully designed packaging.

teas on display
Tea Tins on Display

Based in Vancouver, Dawna is always exploring and discovering new blends, which seem to be a natural expression of her background as an herbalist. She can also create uniquely blended teas specifically for you. Drawing on her expertise in the plant based healing modalities of herbalism, aromatherapy and flower essence therapy, as well as the art and culture of tea, Dawna creates unique plant based tonics, elixirs and formulas for clients worldwide. Definitely worth checking out in Farmer’s Market scene, and anywhere you might come across her teas.


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